Established in 2000, Mike Donnally Ltd. creates gardens for properties within 10 miles of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Garden design & maintenance

In collaboration with the client, the goal and budget of a design project is defined.  As the design develops, Mike Donnally Ltd. meets regularly with the client, to ensure that the design and scope of work are carefully considered and agreed upon.  Client satisfaction is the firm's top priority.  

Essential to client satisfaction is the sound, ongoing maintenance of the garden.  Design development includes a projected cost for maintenance, so that the client clearly understands the budget required to maintain the landscape. An annual maintenance budget for the project accompanies a garden design.

"Knowledgeable garden care, month after month and year after year, is the foundation of all good gardens."  Mike Donnally

After a client accepts a design, Mike Donnally Ltd. administers its installation and maintenance.

"Mike plans every detail with his clients, and options are presented and discussed before decisions are made with masons, arborists and other specialists required to complete the job."

Enid Munroe, Westport magazine,"Tapestries of Delight: The Gardens of Mike Donnally"

Experienced professionals, with whom Mike Donnally Ltd. has established long term relationships, install the garden.  These associates have proven their skills and dedication to their field of expertise: nursery, masonry, irrigation, turf management, woody plant pest & disease control, arbor work and garden maintenance.

Long-Term Maintenance

For design clients, Mike Donnally Ltd. manages the annual work performed by a garden's horticultural professionals. These specialists, with M. D. Ltd., form an informed team whose primary goal is to meet the needs of the garden.

Garden consultation

When a garden design is not required, Mike Donnally Ltd. provides consultation services to resolve garden challenges which confront a property owner.  Examples: how to achieve an unrealized goal, whether to remove a tree or not, how to grow a plant in better health.